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Allow Yourself To Become ...

The Best Version Of  YOU

A New Beginning

  Transition Coach | Strength Profiler


Born From Flame... "A Phoenix obtains new life by arising from the fire and ashes of its predecessor.”

Life doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes we need to look at the situation we are faced with and develop a new, or revised, game plan. I specialize in working with people who find themselves confronted with difficult and stressful life circumstances. My clients may be faced with a job change, empty nest, lack of motivation, divorce, relocation, single parenting, or many just feel like "something needs to change." Together, we will successfully identify, navigate and embrace this new challenge. I help my clients by:

  • being an objective sounding board
  • helping with clarifying short and long term goals
  • partnering in developing an action plan for achieving those outcomes.
  • assisting my clients with becoming proactive, not reactive, in their decision making and actions; and as a result, they take control of their lives and the challenges they face.

Towering Phoenix Coaching is committed to thoughtful, respectful, and individualized coaching.
As a coach, my approach is strategic and goal oriented. I have a Strengths based coaching style; simply put... we utilize your current strengths and skill sets to obtain your desired outcomes. Research has proven this approach to be the most effective for achieving and maintaining short and long term goals.

In every difficult situation there lies hidden opportunity. Let's find your opportunity and use it to accomplish your next great achievement.


Every Phoenix Has It's Story...What Will Yours Be?