"Lauren is a masterful coach especially with all aspects of transition. She understands and wisely coaches you toward a broader understanding and deeper reflection. Lauren's style of direct communication, and offer of resources, was especially valuable to me. She asked powerful questions that made me not only dig deep during our time together but between sessions as well. Lauren has helped me prepare for a significant life transition. I will take what I have learned forward into this change in my personal and professional life."  Donna Grego Heintz


"Lauren Mills is an excellent life coach. Her calm, yet focused and proactive approach to coaching provided me the tools and confidence I needed to successfully start a new business. Lauren cares about her clients and was an absolute pleasure to work with. At first, I was admittedly somewhat skeptical of the life coaching process. However, Lauren's guidance and suggestions were objective, effective and multifaceted as her teachings have had a profound positive impact on both my work and relationships. I highly recommend Lauren Mills and her life coaching program." Bradley C.


"Lauren did a tremendous job of providing a welcoming, safe space to explore questions and unwind tensions that I didn't even know I had. I had several sessions with Lauren, and each one was surprising and rejuvenating in its own distinct way. It's clear that she put a lot of effort into shaping each session for my unique needs, which I really appreciate.  She is a very caring and authentic person."  Lisa Jensen


"Lauren is an excellent counselor and coach. She is bright, caring and very creative in helping find answers and directions to life/family/business challenges. She has been essential to helping us through changes in direction and the difficulties associated with a growing family as well as a growing business - and how to manage both!"       Megan Perdue


"I was so happy  when I was finally able to admit that I was unhappy in my marriage. Once that happened, I was ready to accept help through Towering Phoenix Coaching. Lauren Mills was sympathetic and patient with me while keeping me on track towards my goals. She gave me the strength and confidence to get through one of the toughest times in my life. I will always be grateful for all of the time she spent with me when I didn't know what to do. Thank you!!!"   Jeffrey Arlen


"I had interviewed a few other divorce coaches and was put off by how much they talked and how little they listened! Lauren really knows how to listen. She has a patient, grounded, yet totally engaged way of working. She was able to give me all the space I needed to think out loud (which is how I work through problems and dilemmas) and offered just the right amount of inquiry, support and encouragement to keep me moving along my divorce action plan. During my work with Lauren, I was able to identify my goals, narrow my focus and generate a lot of ideas on how to move forward. Her knowlege of the divorce process and the paperwork needed was a lifesaver. I would recommend Lauren to anyone even considering divorce." Amanda Albright


"I first enlisted Lauren’s help during a difficult time in my personal life. She immediately helped me organize my priorities, identify values and recognize my strengths. I was surprised at how quickly she was able help me move forward during my difficult time. Two years later I recognized my job stress was affecting my personal and professional life. Lauren, again helped me immensely to make life and professional choices. I am so much happier and focused thanks to her! Lauren is dependable, easy to talk to, considerate, and proactively works with you at your own pace. I and my family sincerely appreciates the help she has provided."  Patricia Keegan


"I have a spring in my step again (something that was missing for a long time!) and am now looking forward to the future with a real sense of excitement. I thank my wife everyday for suggesting my hiring Lauren Mills as my Life Coach"   John Hanamann


“I was initially somewhat skeptical about working with a life coach, but having reached a crossroads in my life I was willing to see if Lauren could help. My skepticism has been unfounded. Lauren has been instrumental in helping me focus on what I want to achieve in both my professional and personal life. Setting specific but realistic goals and being held accountable for achieving these gives me a renewed zest for wanting to make the most out of life. My sessions with Lauren are proving to be invaluable and I look forward to continuing to work with her.”   Sherry McDaniels


“Never having had a life-coaching experience before, I have now firmly put Lauren as part of my personal development training program, and look forward to continue working alongside her. I highly recommend working with Lauren to anyone who wishes to gain clarity, insight, and perspective in their life.” Dirk Wallace